About Us...


We are a Clinical Spa in North Bergen, New Jersey providing therapeutic massages services to help our clients live a healthy balanced life.

Whether you are in need of massage due to an accident, sport injuries, post surgery, chronic conditions, or simply to help you relax from the stresses of daily life – our New Jersey Licensed Massage Therapists will provide a treatment that is customized to your needs.

We offer massages in a variety of styles – Swedish Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Sports Massage, Prenatal Massage, Deep Tissue work, Oncology Massage, Geriatric Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Reflexology, and others, specifically designed to help injuries heal, improve range of motion, and increase muscle function.

Our goal is to tailor your experience based on initial interview information as well your feedback during the treatments to ensure your total comfort and satisfaction.

We are mindful of the overall experience - using only the finest oils and lotions, beauty treatments and aromatherapies. Special lighting, music, decor, and textiles are used throughout the spa to complete the comfortable, plush environment and enhance your overall spa experience.

Pamela Espinoza

Pamela is a licensed massage therapist with 10 years of experience. 

Pamela is specializes in the following techniques and modalities:

  • Swedish Massage.

  • Deep Tissue Massage.

  • Trigger Point Therapy.

  • Hot Stones Therapy.

  • Sport Massage.

  • Reflexology.

Rehabilitation, Including Therapeutic Procedures.

  • Helping Pregnancy aches and Pain.

  • Manual Lymph Drainage.

  • Geriatric Massage.

  • Oncology Massage.

  • Active and Isolated Stretching LB.

  • Myofascial Trigger Point Release.

  • Ultrasound Therapy.

  • Silicone Cupping Therapy.


Juana Tejada

Juana is a licensed massage therapist with 5 years of experience. 

Juana is specializes in the following techniques and modalities:

  • Swedish Massage.

  • Deep Tissue Massage.

  • Sport Massage.

  • Prenatal Massage.

  • Hot Stone Therapy.

  • Reflexology.



Before your massage begins.
Arriving 5 minutes early is a good idea.

There is a short intake form to fill out online which entails where on your body you are experiencing tension, stiffness, pain or other problems. We will review it together in the waiting room and discuss what type of massage best meets your needs for this session. It usually only takes a few minutes.



Before Massage therapist step out of the massage room to allow you to prepare for your massage, She will advise you how to lay under the sheets on the massage table and the level to disrobe depending on your comfort level and the type of massage ordered. It's a good idea to wear a hair tie/clip if you have longer hair. She will provide one if you forgot yours.
No matter what type of massage ordered, you will be draped for the entire massage exposing only the area in which the massage therapist working on at that moment. We use Aromatherapy in the diffusers in office at all times and essential oils during massage unless otherwise requested. During your massage you should expect some communication, at least checking on pressure and communicating instructions to better target your desired outcome. Communication is good. Our sessions can be as quiet and calming as possible or you may feel free to chat a little. It's your time, you decide!



The massage therapist will step out to allow you to dress. Get up slowly, stretch, BREATHE!
The massage therapist will provide purified water and organic antioxidant tea to go!
We gladly accept credit cards, checks or cash.


We are dedicated to providing a completely safe and enjoyable experience for our clients. Our work is strictly therapeutic and non-sexual. Suggestive comments, sexual innuendos, crude behavior, fondling yourself while getting massaged, or touching of a massage therapist in an inappropriate way will result in the termination of the massage session and will be escorted out. If the therapist feels their boundaries have been crossed or violated the client will not be allowed to return for further massages. Our full fee will be expected.